Spangled ™
Made in the USA

The Bridge Between American Citizens & American Products


Spangled ™ is the world’s largest retailer of Made in the USA products and the leading powerhouse promoter of Made in the USA manufacturers and brands.

We at Spangled ™ take pride in connecting and enlisting only American made companies with American made products to be bought by Americans.

Spangled ™ is a company that connects American citizens to American products, so if you are either, a customer desiring American products, or a vendor selling American products this is your destination.

Our Mission

Our mission at Spangled ™ is to keep America Great through the process of bringing American made and founded companies together on one platform to better serve our communities through homegrown products.

We want to help American companies be as lucrative and successful as humanly possible while growing together.

We promote community growth around the American way, American brand, and the American business.